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The aim of this section of the Hub is simply to facilitate professional learning.

The Pathways Hub e-Library contains a wide range of material that is likely to be of interest to the Pathways Membership.

It also contains the last year of Pathways News editions and the PDF documents and web links of interest that are often contained therein. Links to other repositories of information are also regularly updated.

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Pathways Newsletter 19 Jan 2017

Pathways Newsletter 2 Feb 2017

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Media Releases


Same Sex Marriage

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Useful Links

Court Judgements

First Instance Judgments at the following link:

Full Court (Appeals) Judgments at the following link:

Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) - Quality, evidence-based publications and resources for professionals in the areas of protecting children, supporting families and strengthening communities.

The Family Law Court’s website
You can find the latest updates at the following web link:

Family Court Bulletin.

You can find the latest details at the following web link:

Tasmanian Law Handbook


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Latest Publications and Resources

Australian Institute of Family Studies - Children and Young People in Separated Families project.
AIFS has broadened the scope of it's research on the experiences of children and young people following the separation of their parents and the extent to which their needs are met by the existing services within family law system. The study involves face-to-face interviews with children and young people (aged 10-17 years), along with a short telephone interview with one of their parents. Please click on the link for the project summary in PDF or FAQs PDF.
This study is now available to children & young people in all states & territories of Australia. Check out the Invitation to Participate.
AIFS have asked to please share this with your networks.

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Professional Development 


February 27th to March 2nd. Jon Graham (Sydney Australia) and Lorri Yasenik (Calgary Alberta) are bringing the Meeting with Children training to Sydney

March 27 2017.    Greater Sydney FLPN Main Event being held on
The title is: Drugs and Alcohol in the ICE Age and the impact on separated families.

May 31 - Jun 3 2017  AFCC 54th Annual Conference (international)

Turning the Kaleidoscope of Family Conflict into a Prism of Harmony
Conference Dates Sheraton Boston Hotel Boston, Massachusetts
June 4 – 7 2017 Dublin:  World Congress on Family Law and Children’s Rights (international

Deadline for Abstract Submissions 27th July 2016
Registration Opens 7th November 2016
Conference Dates
More information can be found at http://wcflcr2017.com/

June 2017 6-8 - Parent Engagement Conference Australia  Melbourne, Vic

This conference, hosted by ARACY and The Smith Family, will focus on how parent engagement affects what children achieve, how they experience school, and assists in the transition to school and into post-secondary education.

August 2017 17, 18 and 19 in Melbourne at Crown Conference Centre. 

AFCC - The Annual Chapter Conference
The Chapter’s Fourth annual conference will take place on The theme is ‘Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!’ and we have designed a rich and varied program with local, national and international presenters.


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